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Wear shoes like this? No wonder you’re still single

GQ found that basically all women look at the shoes on their feet when they date men. If you wear the wrong shoes, it’s possible that when you keep on showing her charm and hormones, there’s only one thing in her mind: Oh my God…… How he wore my dad wouldn’t wear old shoes?! so you want to succeed on the base of the men, please read through this article, the so-called “make them!”
1. bored shoes
Wear shoes like that? No wonder you’re still single!
If your personal image is stuffy, boring and conformist, the ladies will think you are also a soft footed shrimp in a missionary position. “Play Safe” thick brown leather in the office might not have what problem, but the appointment will be a cup of tea – liver invigorating health flopped about water for you to finally create ambiguous atmosphere!
Wear shoes like that? No wonder you’re still single!
In fact, the girls love confident and taste of men, so choose a little different pair of shoes to go to make your first impression of the soaring! Do not have too much exaggeration, a pair of Oxford shoes sell well is a good choice. When she came to the appointment on the road to see so many unbearable toe sandals and climbing shoes, you have the cortex, fine, carved Oxford shoes will definitely make her bright!

John Lobb 2014 Limited Edition St Crispin

There are many versions of the story about Saint Crispin, which make the reality and legend complicated. What we know is that in third Century, Saint Crispin and Saint Crispinian two brothers were together in the shoe-making workshop in excellence in work, they died in October 25th 286 BC, so this day is known as a shoemaker, hand craftsmen and shoe leather craftsman common festival, this tradition has.
John Lobb sees the Saint Crispin anniversary as an opportunity to present a limited edition of the work in an effort to express reverence for the patron saint. The limited series of Saint Crispin comes into being. Beginning in 1996, John Lobb began making this series of limited edition shoes, which were released worldwide in October 25th each year.
John Lobb 2014 limited edition restore classic, Oxford footwear design elegant fusion of the toe of the shoe last 7000 plain, with “Adelaide” cutting technique made. The unique style of Oxford shoes, uppers and shoe leather design by whole body, waist seamless, and shoe sole natural waist streamline transition; the skull and upper shoes by three equidistant primary suture independent sewing, exquisite elegance of presentation shoes.
Essential single product basic

The two kinds of single products of the rising of light and gentle gentlemen

After 90 has eroded the entire workplace, each boy has experienced the process from boys to men. Wardrobe will also continue to update as the work environment changes. If you still can not immediately translate from the style of the campus elegant gentleman, then maybe you can take a look at this single product recommendation, find some shopping to buy some inspiration from the inside, wearing not old, but still decent dress aura items.
GQ edit 2015.10.29
1- blue shirts aren’t out of fashion
For the shirt in a business suit, business man may be the only one with a blue shirt. They can be blue in varying degrees, and they can also be paired with different suits and coats because of the difference in the pattern of the collar.
GQ24 editor recommendation
Striped silk and cotton blended shirt Burberry Prorsum $3600
Ever heard of the fringe complex? Stripes can always affect a woman’s heart.
Shirt Massimo Dutti $590
A romantic French collar for a business man who often wears a tie.
Cotton shirt Pye $1280
Fabric with fine lines; shirt for men of arts.
Pinhole collar shirt Dsquared2 $3800
This is a very popular shirt on the market, suitable for younger men.
Washed cotton large open neck shirt Suitsupply $580
Soft fabric suitable for collocation retro style or woolen material coat trousers.
Harmonia collar shirt Selected $499
If you don’t know how to match men, try not to choose a collar with different colors.
Liling shirt Shanghai Tang $2080
Preference of Chinese and Western style of men, can choose this collar, but should pay attention to the collocation of the jacket collar.

Single item recommend: Berluti classic Oxford shoes

Berluti, Alessio, Venezia leather, Oxford shoes

This pair of Alessio Venezia leather Oxford shoes can be regarded as the classic shoes of Berluti, the shoe type source can be traced back to the last century, 20s. When the Duke of Windsor visited the United States, he wore it. The ups and downs of the design at the time was regarded as classic, and even has been popular today. In addition to the Duke of Windsor, President Kennedy, the Spanish king King Juan Carlos, the Japanese emperor Hirohito, ship king Aristotle, Onassis, Andy, Warhol and other celebrities are also loyal users of Berluti.
From 1895, the first pair of leather shoes made of whole leather, Berluti became famous. The second generation of the family inherited Pope Benedict’s shoes and introduced Napoleon III’s high boots; the pair of tall boots were praised by the Duke of Windsor, both beautifully and beautifully. Since then, the third generation is more scientific in a foot of the human body, the invention of the different type of shoes, to adapt to different people feel.
This pair of shoes in Oxford using Berluti’s leather, Venezia leather, the leather is Berluti in the last century, developed in 90s, through a special mineral and vegetable tanning dyeing process, with Italy unique calfskin, endowed with unique natural leather softness and specified adhesive qualities. Venenzia itself can produce very good color without the need to soak the pigment, so the permeability will be very good. The shoe looks very natural colors, is exclusive to Berluti, known as the “Patina bleaching process”. Each piece of leather shade depth and texture color will be changed in the dyeing process, the leather to produce transparent color. Every pair of shoes is like art, and that’s what makes Berluti expensive.
Now, this is only a designer, not more than 20 of the top hand technician of the brand, has spread to the fourth generation, while the shoemaking technology level, still continue to rise: the integration of modern medical knowledge, shoe durability and comfort, there should be greater upgrade.

A traditional shoemaking craftsman

Berluti recently introduced a new shoes, the “Classic” brand dates back to the traditional footwear craftsmanship, the classic shoes made a new interpretation of Velcro, the design reflects the brand to mix different elements of avant-garde style, so a monastic lace than.
Type: Berluti shoes lace monks
Price: About 15500 yuan from Berluti
Collocation suggestion
The workplace
Different from other Berluti shoes, soles made of light material, ensure that you work all day without feeling tired. A pair of red trousers can give the office a bit of a playful atmosphere.
White shirt: Thom Browne
Price: About 4231 yuan from Mr Porter
Red corduroy trousers: Gieves & Hawkes
Price: About 1455 yuan from Matches
Dark briefcase: Paul Smith
Price: about 4295 yuan from Matches
Double wear shirt collocation although it is a lazy but in the new season is very suitable, formal shoes collocation casual jeans to create a mix of sense.
Black thickening shirt: Jean Shop
Price: about 1200 yuan from Matches
Light blue shirt: Acne Studios
Price: About 1160 yuan from Matches
Gray jeans: Sandro
Price: About 1476 yuan from Mr Porter
Gucci tiger jacket will definitely make you nine stand head and shoulders above others in a crowd, the jeans length just to reveal a small ankle, depending on the circumstances of a pair of fashionable stockings collocation.

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